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February 11, 2007 by GreenReaper
Did you know that the government will pay you for saving for your retirement? To the tune of 50% of what you paid, in some cases?

It's true. It's a relatively new credit that most people still don't know much about. Last year, I personally got $1000 back from it. If your situation is right, you can too. The form is simple (PDF), though most e-filing systems can do it for you.

Even better - if you missed out on contributing to a 401(k) or IRA last year, it's not too late. You can still open...
October 14, 2006 by GreenReaper
I think we could all use more money somehow - not just for ourselves, but also to be able to help out our friends and communities. I'd personally like to get to the point where I could decide to do just about anything I want and not have to worry too much about what it cost. I plan to do so the boring way - by making good investments.

I thought I'd share my decisions about investing with you in the hope that it helps you make your own. Many of you are just getting into work, and will have mon...
February 24, 2006 by GreenReaper
Wow. A lot of people have decided to order GalCiv II from us - direct! There are literally thousands of boxes being sent out right now. The corridors are filled with boxes which have more boxes in. It's like an air-raid shelter in here. We're looking into buying more of the building we're in just to store them all.

For those of you waiting patiently, be assured that we are trying to get these boxes out as fast as we can. There is an assembly line of people packing boxes into padded envelopes...
January 26, 2006 by GreenReaper
Brad and the rest of the game team are busy hammering out the gold version of the game (which is going to be great, by the way - even I like it, and I hardly ever play games nowadays), so I thought I'd take the chance to explain exactly how profiling works. If you've seen the raw notes that Brad posted, you'll understand why they need explaining!

I think this is actually my first post here. I'm normally part of that 4/5ths of the company you don't see - Stardock's desktop enhancement applica...
June 27, 2005 by GreenReaper
OpenID looks interesting. It's a method of identification without explicit registration (except on your home site - one you choose to trust, rather than one you have to trust). It's in the process of being rolled out on LiveJournal and other sites that use its software. I suspect it could come into use elsewhere, if it's simple enough to setup.

I wonder, will I someday sign myself GreenReaper of

PS: My article about WinCustomize search plugins is more useful than this on...
December 19, 2004 by GreenReaper
Does your computer sit there doing nothing most of the time? Worried that using a $1000 computer just for web-browsing is a bit wasteful? Are you thinking that SETI@Home or may be fruitless endeavours? Well, you just might be interested in Folding@Home! Have your computer spend its time doing some useful calculations for medical research (see the FAQ) rather than letting those cycles go to waste, and download a client now!

I've made a Stardock/ team - all you ...
August 14, 2003 by GreenReaper
The entire north-eastern US power grid has gone offline. Object Desktop subscribers should still be able to get their software as the main servers are outside the affected area - however, the main Stardock website appears to be down, as are news and IRC servers. Service will be resumed when the power is - for now, sit tight. Update: is now back online. Still no news or IRC

Added note by KarmaGirl: Please note that this also effects our online store, creating accounts and cert...