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The entire north-eastern US power grid has gone offline. Object Desktop subscribers should still be able to get their software as the main servers are outside the affected area - however, the main Stardock website appears to be down, as are news and IRC servers. Service will be resumed when the power is - for now, sit tight. Update: is now back online. Still no news or IRC

Added note by KarmaGirl: Please note that this also effects our online store, creating accounts and certain database functions due to the in-house database functions.  Unfortunately, local communications have been effected by this.  Some areas are out of phones due to powers surges destroying equipment.  It is doubtful that if we brought Stardock up on power that we would be able to connect out to restore internet connectivity.

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on Aug 16, 2003

I still cannot connect to via the web or through component manager.
Cannot ping it nor traceroute to it. Is this still fallout from the blackout??
on Aug 16, 2003
Yes. The internet routing appears to be down. Stardock Central works, but you can't get new copies of it via because the DB server that checks registrations is down. I suspect things shoud be better by the start of next week.
on Aug 16, 2003

Internet routing in the area still seems to be down.  From what I heard, there were a bunch of power surges that effected a lot of this.  It's really a bummer that there is power but we still can't fully get Stardock online.