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Published on December 19, 2004 By GreenReaper In Personal Computing
Does your computer sit there doing nothing most of the time? Worried that using a $1000 computer just for web-browsing is a bit wasteful? Are you thinking that SETI@Home or may be fruitless endeavours? Well, you just might be interested in Folding@Home! Have your computer spend its time doing some useful calculations for medical research (see the FAQ) rather than letting those cycles go to waste, and download a client now!

I've made a Stardock/ team - all you have to do is enter team ID number 41029 when asked by the Folding@Home client. And that's it! It will automatically get new blocks of work from the internet every so often and send results back, but you shouldn't have to touch it unless you want to. I chose to have it installed as a service, and the only way I know it's running is that CPU is at 100% or thereabouts all the time. It's all idle use, so it's not stealing the cycles from anything I want to run, and I have the satisfaction of knowing that my computer is working on something useful . . . even when I'm asleep. Give it a go!

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on Apr 04, 2005
Just saw this, I'm gonna take a look, and if I like what I see you'll be seein hazylunarrain in the list soon One question though, I wonder... Do I HAVE to leave the comp all the time...>goes to read<

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on Apr 04, 2005
Ok, I'm in looks like this one will be done in 5 days. We're only 89 away from breaking 1,000. Keep it goin guys! (Or am I the only one doing this now?)

How we're doing:


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on Apr 04, 2005
It's getting closer . . . 83 now.
on Apr 05, 2005
hehe... Goes faster when the computers idling --DUH--
Probably be done about a day from now. Number one here we come!!
on Oct 26, 2005


ups, sorry about that....

on Oct 27, 2005
i joined for the heck of it i have a hard time not messing w/ my computer lol but i always leave it on when i'm sleeping
on Oct 27, 2005
on Oct 27, 2005
Ok -- I'm onboard 41029 w/ the research server. Be a few days before anything shows up, though.
on Oct 28, 2005
on Feb 02, 2007
Do we have any kind of DesktopX control to monitor the log file and display at the very least the current % compleation?
on Feb 02, 2007
Not that I know of. You're welcome to make one - it probably wouldn't be that hard, though you'd likely have to poll than rely on modification notifications. There may be other ways than reading the log, but I'm not aware of them.