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February 11, 2007 by GreenReaper
Did you know that the government will pay you for saving for your retirement? To the tune of 50% of what you paid, in some cases?

It's true. It's a relatively new credit that most people still don't know much about. Last year, I personally got $1000 back from it. If your situation is right, you can too. The form is simple (PDF), though most e-filing systems can do it for you.

Even better - if you missed out on contributing to a 401(k) or IRA last year, it's not too late. You can still open...
October 14, 2006 by GreenReaper
I think we could all use more money somehow - not just for ourselves, but also to be able to help out our friends and communities. I'd personally like to get to the point where I could decide to do just about anything I want and not have to worry too much about what it cost. I plan to do so the boring way - by making good investments.

I thought I'd share my decisions about investing with you in the hope that it helps you make your own. Many of you are just getting into work, and will have mon...